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  • Why having other childless friends is important

    Feeling of Belonging– We need community. To feel like we are understood by others. It is a human need. It is very easy to feel other’d when you are childless. You matter and your worth is not wrapped up in motherhood. Having friends that can remind you of that from a place of understanding is important.

    Comfort in Sharing Feelings– Feeling heard and understood is healing. Many of us keep our feelings about childlessness inside. Bringing up feelings related to childlessness to people that have children can feel awkward and invalidating. Our supports don’t mean to invalidate. We know that, so sometimes we keep a reaction to something they say inside. Sometimes it just feels easier to say nothing. A place to say how you feel is important.

    Schedules Align– Being single and childless can mean you have evenings and weekends available in a way that many adults with children don’t have. Friends with kids and spouses often enjoy morning coffee, brunch, or lunch. Sometimes you wanna go out at night or after work. Having friends that have a schedule similar to yours can feel important.

    Know You Are Not Alone– When you are childless not by choice you can feel unseen. It is isolating and it can feel like you are missing out on so much that our culture values about womanhood. We ARE missing out on those things. We also have other opportunities because of childlessness. Being able to share in those things with friends that understand is important.

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