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  • Ways to manage hurt related to being childless not by choice through self talk

    We let negative self talk language linger when we are scared and or grieving. Letting in some positive self talk can be helpful in combatting those negative thoughts. Thoughts create feelings with create behaviors. It won’t happen overnight but looking to manage your feelings can behaviors through thoughts is effective. Just like building muscle it does for our physical body, training our brain also takes consistent reps. Here are some healthy self talk statements to use to get you started.

    • “I still have opportunities for a meaningful, fulfilling, and fun life.”

    • “The flexibility of my life can allow for amazing experiences.”

    • “I can spend my time doing what brings me happiness and joy.”

    • “My purpose is bigger than motherhood.”

    What are some self talk statements that help you manage the hurt of being childless not by choice? Comment below.

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