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  • Ways to find other childless friends

    Making friends as an adult can he difficult. Making other childless friends can be even more difficult. Childlessness not by choice can be isolating and feel like you are categorized as other’d in social circles. Women tend to bond over motherhood and wifehood, especially women that are chit chatting or don’t know each other well. It is normal to make the jokes about the spouse or talk about what cute things the kids have been doing. Potty training, big boy/girl beds, first days of school etc. Finding friends that feel relatable to your life, friends that help you feel included vs excluded are important. Here are some tips of how to find those friends.

    • Childless Meetups– Try a meetup specifically for people without children. Everyone is nervous to go to a meetup for the first time. Go with some planned questions to ask to help manage anxiety during awkward silences. Remember, everyone is there to meet new people.

    • Over 35 Meetups– Meetups for humans over 35. The women with no children are the ones who typically have the time to consistently come to these types of meetups. They generally meet after work on weekdays. Many parents have to self select out of these activities. Bonus- generally they pick the nice restaurants for dinner in the trendy parts of town.

    • Initiate– Take the initiative and invite someone out for lunch or dinner when you meet someone who is also childless. Adults like friend invitations. Being single and childless can be boring.

    • Take the risk. It is worth it. Comment below, what have you done to make other childless friends.

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