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  • Subtle Triggers Childless Not by choice

    There are some things that are more obvious triggers when managing grief. For grief related to to childlessness, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are examples of the most obvious triggers. Then there are the more subtle triggers. They sneak up on you, surprise you. The ones other people may not understand or have awareness around. These are the triggers we often end up managing alone. We are hit with the sting and keep going. Sometimes the feeling lingers all day and sometimes not.Journaling can be a good way to process feelings related to these more subtle triggers. Subtle but not necessarily less painful. For me, the subtle triggers are harder than the more obvious ones.


    Consider journaling to get those thoughts and feelings out if you don’t have someone to support you around these triggers. Journaling your feelings can be cathartic and allow the feelings to enter and leave versus getting stuck. What are some subtle triggers you experience and what helps you when they occur? comment below.

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