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  • Stereotypes of single and childless women

    Those of us that are childless will fit some of these stereotypes. As will people who DO have children. This is because anyone can be childless not by choice. It doesn’t happen because of a character flaw. It happens for a million unique reasons. There isn’t anything wrong with you. It isn’t because of 1 specific decision. With things that are unfair we often want to assign blame. There is none. It just is.

    These stereotypes can be fuel for negative thoughts. We wonder what is wrong with us. The answer is nothing. There is nothing inherently flawed with you and your future isn’t destined to look lonely with a bunch of cats. If you’re stuck in the stereotypes or stuck in the negative, seek support from friends that you feel do a good job supporting you around this topic. This can be a therapist or coach. Or, engage in the childless not by choice on social media. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

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