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  • Coping

    1. Talk About Your Grief– Being childless not by choice is excruciating. Often, it is something that does not happen over time vs a single event. Grief and be hard to recognize. It slowly builds.

    2. Find Support– Consider seeing a therapist to process your grief. A grief that is often unseen and unrecognized. A coach can also help guide you to acceptance.

    3. Redefine Your Goals– When you are ready consider goals that reflect not having children. This can help give you opportunities to look forward.

    4. Be Kind With Your Thoughts– You are not broken, Unwanted, nor do you have a life less meaningful. Be intentional in telling yourself you can have a meaningful, fulfilling, and joy filled life.

    If you are considering seeking support to cope with being childless not by choice reach out for a free 30min consultation to learn more about therapy (licensed in CO) or coaching services. I also provide free tips on my instance if that is a better fit. @theotherpaththerapyandcoaching. Acceptance IS possible.

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