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  • Community and Childlessness

    Loneliness is a part of being childless not by choice.  Mutuality within friendships change.  Friends that are parents are not as available.   Common topics for discussion can feel harder to find.  Our friend’s lives are busy with parenting and our lives are not.  Sometimes the childlessness becomes the elephant in the room.  No one is really comfortable bringing it up.  Neither understands the other’s life.  Of course being friends with people who are parents isn’t impossible.  It isn’t as if there aren’t commonalities, however, it can take more effort.  Being childless not by choice is not only lonely at times it can feel isolating.  It can feel like you are the only one living a life without children.  There are times when being around children or being enthusiastic about our friend’s kids milestones can feel exhausting.  Having friends that are childless is important for balance.  To feel seen, understood, and feel a sense of belonging is a significant part of moving toward acceptance.  Where are these communities you might ask?  Sonder Sisterhood is an online community for the single, childless woman.  It is a place of connection, support, validation, encouragement, and community.  We have virtual book clubs, social hours, workshops, with more to come.  It is free to join.  Just follow up on instagram and check out our website at www.sondersisterhood.com.  We hope to see you there.  #findyourpeople

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