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  • Childlessness is not the same as being loveless

    We often think of family as parents with children. For those that are childless not by choice, this definition implies their family is not a real family. We hear parents say that you don’t know “real” love until you have children. Parenthood does not own love. Parenthood does not own family. A childless life is not a loveless, meaningless, purposeless, fun less, family less, joy less, and worry less life. The family looks different than the societal norm but societal norms are not always “right”. Therefore, as you are working toward accepting childless not by choice remember these 3 things when the false narrative that you have to have children to have love and family starts to creep in your thoughts.

    • Kids do not equal family. Having a family is more than having children.

    • You may have people in your life that do not understand your childlessness. You don’t have to suck up their judgement. It is ok to change your relationship with those people.

    • Nothing is wrong with you. Motherhood does not own the path to a meaningful, purposeful, fun, and love filled life.

    What do you love in your childless not by choice life.

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