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  • Childless Not By Choice: Practical Tips to Cope When Grieving

    When you are actively grieving childlessness not by choice it can feel difficult to hang out with others, put into words what you are feeling, and get into a routine.  While it is important not to isolate yourself all the time, sometimes taking some time to yourself, or engaging in less stressful activities can help you continue to keep your head above the grief water.  If you are feeling like this would be helpful but are you aren’t sure where to start, keep reading for some suggestions below. 

    1.Start a new book.  If you need some suggestions follow bookstagram or booktube accounts for some fun suggestions.  A couple on my TBR (I learned that stands for To Be Read) is The Heart Principle, Yellowface, and Too Late.

    2. Try a new workout.  Cycling, boxing, pilates are a couple suggestions and ones that I enjoy.  This combination of activities was especially helpful for me during the height of my grief.  They are also great places to meet people.

    3. Try a new restaurant and get the dessert.  Or, if you have a budget that doesn’t allow for splurge right now try a new recipe and make something new.  Put on some music, a bevie, and start cooking.

    4. Buy a new lipstick.  A different color, maybe something bolder.  MAC All Fired Up is my current bold summer favorite.

    5. Change up your hair.  I recently did this. Chopped it off and got highlights.  I did give my stylist permission to tell me don’t do it I sound more like I’m having a breakdown rather than wanting a haircut and alas I got the cut.  You don’t have to do something like chopping it off but maybe you get some fun summer highlights.  From a real stylist, not lemon juice style. If you know you know.

    6. If you are single and childless not by choice check out Sonder Sisterhood for our different events that include workshops, groups, socials, book clubs.  Come hang out with other single, childless not by choice people to have fun.  If you are childless not by choice and married check out Gateway Lighthouse for their groups.

    Let me know what has helped you in the comments.

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