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  • Childless Not By Choice and Community

    When you’re childless not by choice it can feel isolating.  As more and more of your friends transition into parenthood it can feel like you are being left further and further behind.  It can be helpful to find a community that can relate to your experiences.  Where you can feel seen, feel understood, and feel less alone.  While social media has well documented downsides it can also be a place to interact with others who are childless not by choice.  

    The CNBC instagram community is the first place I first interacted with others that I felt understood the feelings I was experiencing as I was coming to terms with being childless.  Here is what I learned:

    1.  Shoulds

    I should have joined the childless not by choice instagram community a long time ago.  When an issue isn’t talked about in society it can feel like that issue doesn’t exist.  If you feel this way try connecting on instagram.  Lurking is ok.  It is how I started.  Try hashtags like #childlessnotbychoice #childlessbycircumstance #childless #embracingchildless

    2.  Attention

    The term childless not by choice needs more attention.  It shouldn’t require a low point google search to stumble upon this information.  When you are ready, put your voice out into this world.  

    3.  Say What?

    The internet can be a supportive place.  With parameters.  Choose wisely and go make some insta friends.  There are virtual happy hours, workshops, groups, and validating banter.

    Where do you find childless community?

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