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  • Childless and the Holidays

    The holidays are often described as “the most wonderful time of the year”.  The holidays are times when family gets together and children are the center of attention.  Especially around the December holidays.  For those that are childless not by choice the holidays can be a time where you are asked questions that are painful, questions you don’t have the answers to, or questions you have already answered over and over again.  The holidays can be a glaring and painful reminder you do not have children.  The feelings of sadness, irritability, grief, or annoyance may not be welcome at the family gatherings and yet, what you are experiencing is very real and very difficult.  Many traditions are centered around children.  Santa, presents, the music, movies, and all the memories we have of our own childhood during the holidays.  If you are on the unexpected path this holiday season, consider at least 1 thing you want to do, maybe a new tradition, and do it.  Whether you are single, childless, or experiencing other life stress, find something to look forward to and plan it.  

    Some suggestions for childless holiday traditions are:

    1.  Go to a nice restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.

    2.  Go to an adult musical or play and then dinner after.

    3.  Grab a hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights.

    4.  Maybe you want to travel vs stay at home.

    5.  Have a spa day where you spoil yourself and focus on relaxation.

    What are some adult holiday traditions you might try?

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