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    “That she bear children is not a woman’s significance. But that she bear herself, that is her supreme and risky fate.”–D.H Lawrence,

    Feeling a little bit of hopelessness and a touch of resentment creep in?  Wondering why you feel more irritable or apathetic and like everyone around you is getting shit done when you are repeatedly  “starting over” tomorrow, or Monday, on your goals?  You are not alone.  If you are feeling some depression, anxiety, and especially if you are childless not by choice or experiencing extended singleness we can work together to help you feel back in control and experiencing some hope, motivation, and joy again.

    When working with me you will have a trained therapist that has lived experience with childlessness and extended singleness.  You will be working with someone that understands the unique grief, feelings, and responses from others that can be difficult to process as a women who is childless and/or single.

    Our work will be directive, straightforward, and infused with empathy and humor.  I am not a smile and nod therapist.  I’m a lets get down to it and start creating a life that is meaningful, purposeful, and fun.  My experience has given me insight into how devastating and lonely this path can be AND I am excited to walk with you down this unexpected path to create a life you are excited about.

    Contact me to schedule a free 30min consultation to see if we would be a good mutual fit.

    About Carrie Brauninger

    I have been through my own journey in accepting that I will not be a mother. I do not believe motherhood is the only path to purpose, fulfillment, and connection. Due to my experience, I am drawn to empower others experiencing childlessness create a life that acknowledges their pain and reveals a path to a meaningful life without children.

    Let's connect online and get started!


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